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Moland Township

With exceptional farmland and hard working citizens, the area is a great place to live and grow.

Close to Fargo-Moorhead, acting as a gateway to lakes country of Minnesota, you will enjoy our beautiful rural community with nearby attractions.

town hall first photo.jpg

Established in 1872 Moland Township was named for its early settlers of Norwegian descent. Immigrants came here to pursue the governments homestead act which allowed them parcels of land to break ground and farm.

harvest in moland.jpg

Moland Township is called home to 256 residents who mostly work in the rural area. Agriculture is king in our township as most acres are zoned as such. Expect to see bountiful crops such as: Sugar Beets, Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Sunflowers, Alfalfa and Edible Peas & Beans. 

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